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Purely Personal: About Ramona Bryan

I have worked in women’s retail fashion and design for many decades. My experience started with department stores, chain stores, couture boutiques, bridal and fur specialty boutiques. Later, I opened my own stores called “Strictly Business,” which catered to executive women. Strictly Business offered bespoke services like wardrobe analysis and personalized shopping long before it became what it is today.

My approach to dressing and styling is influenced by my worldwide travel, adding international flair.  I love to collect antique fabrics and handmade items, which often use Old World techniques. Craftsmanship and quality are important to me, even in contemporary clothing.

I absolutely love working with people to make clothing appropriate, comfortable and expressive of each unique personality. When all that comes together, there is joy & confidence, and positive energy flows out into the world. It is extraordinarily rewarding to witness.

Ramona Bryan

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