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Over a 30-year career as a woman business owner, I have benefited from Mona’s caring and insightful expertise for wardrobe styling and shopping expertise. She chooses the best designs for me that fit casual, professional or formal occasions. As a former store owner in Miami and as a personal shopper, she knows how to find the best quality, price and styles. Mona loves what she does and it shows by the results she produces whether you are enhancing or starting your wardrobe. I recommend her 100%!



I was truly delighted to learn that Mona Bryan is returning to fashion with her personal consulting and sourcing service. When I was building my practice, I relied on her completely and her Strictly Business store for clothes that were professional, comfortable and stylish. Because of the quality and classic lines, I still have some of her original pieces — decades later! I cannot wait to work with her again. My wardrobe needs her!

Miami, Florida

I love vibrant colors, but I’ve never been able to translate my love of color into my wardrobe. My entire career has been in finance, which resulted in years of a wardrobe built around combinations of black, gray and navy with zero – and I mean zero – clue how to accessorize. I perpetually looked like I was in mourning. I loved the ease but hated the look. Over the last seven years I had put on weight. Mona Bryan stepped in at just the right time. I had already begun losing weight and improving my health when I asked Mona for help. The garments and accessories she chose for me made me feel like a million bucks! Mona’s love of various cultures and their many aesthetic contributions have given her a unique vision. She not only showed me how to coordinate and accessorize various colors, but also understood what styles would best compliment my shape and skin/hair combination. Most importantly, she made the whole experience fun! She was encouraging but honest. End result? I have never gotten more compliments on my wardrobe. Feeling good about the way I look has given me more confidence to continue my journey for a healthier, more energetic me. In short, to pursue a better version of myself.

Washington, D. C

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