Purely Personal Services

I work with numerous resources — local, national and international — to bring a wide variety of looks and brands together. From my worldwide travels, I collect special, unique and handcrafted items not found anywhere in the U. S.  I also create and produce Purely Personal designs that are tongue-in-cheek fun and comfortable.

Purely Personal: Fresh Start Wardrobe Analysis

Fresh Start Wardrobe Analysis

The fresh analytical eyes of a professional can discover new combinations within your existing wardrobe, so what you already own becomes new again.

Purely Personal: Personal Shopping & Styling

Personal Shopping & Styling

I believe that a few foundational pieces of good quality can and should mix with treasures found on sale, at discount stores, or vintage finds.

Purely Personal: Cleaning & Organizing Closets

Editing & Organizing Closets

With Purely Personal assisting, the process of curating and organizing your closet becomes smooth and efficient.

The Purely Personal Experience

Feel like your look got lost in the chaos of life?

Find your style again…