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Stretching back into antiquity, linen is one of the oldest known woven fabrics (cotton is another). Linen is a natural fabric derived from the long staple fibers of the flax plant in a labor intensive and lengthy process, making linen an expensive and often coveted fabric.

June 4, 2024|


Though less stringently observed than in the past, Memorial Day traditionally marks the official day to begin wearing whites, pastels, and intense, vibrant colors in linens and cottons. When budgeting and shopping for summer wardrobe updates and vacations, it may help to know a bit about the classifications, definitions and qualities of these popular summer fabrics. Over the next few blogs I will discuss these classic summer fabrics. Today I will discuss cotton — “the fabric of our lives.”

May 20, 2024|

Interview with Pauline Bernard

One of the most interesting and exciting aspects to what I do is discovering and working with emerging designers. One of these is a young, talented fine jewelry designer, Pauline Bernard.

April 30, 2024|

Roberto Cavalli 1940-2024

If you are of a “certain age,” you may well remember your first encounter with a Roberto Cavalli design; flamboyant wild animal prints and ostentatiously bold colors definitely made a new fashion statement.

April 15, 2024|

Personal Stylists, Not Just for Celebrities

A personal shopper/stylist seems like a superfluous or even frivolous service at first blush. Stores abound and anyone can walk in and find something to purchase — and therein lies the problem.

March 22, 2024|

Iris Apfel 1921-2024

With the passing of Iris Apfel, the world became a little less stylish. However, there is much to celebrate in the very full life of Iris.

March 7, 2024|


Shape is a critical factor both in designing clothing and in styling and fitting garments. In design, the shape of a garment is referred to as the silhouette and there are at least twenty-five identifiable silhouettes; some well known such as A-line, empire waist, dropped waist, wrap dress, and sheath.

February 20, 2024|

Iris Van Herpen

Paris in January is generally gray, cold, windy and rainy. But Paris always offers something extraordinary. The first thing I did this trip to Paris in mid-January was to secure a ticket to the Iris Van Herpen Exhibit at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (through 28 April, 2024). Perhaps you have seen J. Lo or  Beyoncé wearing an Iris Van Herpen creation and been stunned by the visual impact.

January 31, 2024|


While in Rome, Italy for New Year’s, I found myself contemplating a stone sculpture of the Roman god Janus, from whom we derive the name of the first month of the year, January. Janus is a two faced god, one face looking forward to the future, the other looking back to the past. Americans love to look forward and make resolutions — large and small — to correct the bad habits and behaviors of the past...

January 22, 2024|

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