The dress must follow the body of a woman
not the body following the shape of the dress.
— Herbert de Givenchy

Shape is a critical factor both in designing clothing and in styling and fitting garments. In design, the shape of a garment is referred to as the silhouette and there are at least twenty-five identifiable silhouettes; some well known such as A-line, empire waist, dropped waist, wrap dress, and sheath. There are more used mostly for special occasions and often seen on the “red carpet” such as ball gown, mermaid, butt cape, shoulder cape, and hourglass to name a few.

7 body shape types of women

When I mention shape to clients, the first reaction is to think what physical shape the body is in rather than which silhouettes are most flattering. Every body has a basic shape like triangle, inverted triangle, pear, apple or rectangle. A stylist must understand which silhouettes will best enhance/flatter and provide a comfortable fit. Every individual has a line or asset to emphasize and every body has fit challenges. This tension exists because flat fabric must be constructed not only to fit the curves of the body but also to accommodate joints that need room to enable movement.

Following fashions ever changing dictums like skinny to wide leg pants, padded shoulders to cut-out shoulders, or mini, midi or maxi hem lengths results in hit or (mostly) miss looks and fit. Working with a professional stylist, it’s possible to stay within appropriate silhouettes and construction for your unique body and still create an up-to-date, fashion forward Purely Personal style.

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