The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.
Coco Chanel

Color is one of the most impactful elements of our visual world. It is most often the first aspect that attracts our attention and its effects have long been studied by artists, philosophers, scientists and others. My library shelves sag with all the books on color; color theory, the psychology of color, color symbolism around the world, the power of color, the emotive quality of color and on and on…
Research indicates it is critical in forming first impressions — for better or worse. Psychologists have evidence our choice of colors both affect and express our psycho/emotional state. I have found that most people naturally gravitate to colors that flatter them — most of the time but not always.

Purely Personal for Me

I recently worked with a client who was dissatisfied with her look. She wanted a wardrobe reset but didn’t know how or where to begin or why she felt out of synch with much of her wardrobe. It was easy to see why. Her closet was full of dull and muddy colors at odds with her own exotic look. Her dark hair and large, dramatic brown eyes and tawny skin asked for a bright and light palette. Introducing strong, vibrant colors such as corals and oranges, turquoise, emerald and olive greens paired with whites and off whites near her face immediately lifted her spirit as evidenced by big, happy smiles and a noticeable increase in her energy and confidence. And, the many compliments that began coming her way!

She quickly experienced the power of color to influence not only her own mood but also to elicit positive responses from those around her. Once on the right side of her color palette, she confidently added sparkly sequined tops and colorful shoes giving expression to her true self.

Color decisions can present overwhelming, complex and emotionally fraught choices. If you are wearing uninspired and uninspiring “safe” colors, work with an experienced professional to unveil the “best color in the whole world” and look your Purely Personal Best!


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