There is something so special in the early leaves
drifting from the trees — as if we are all allowed
a chance to peel, to refresh and to start again.
Ruth Ahmed

Autumn is a “Goldilocks” season — not too hot, not too cold. Mornings and evenings are cool enough on the skin for a sweater but midday warmth has one thinking, “perhaps just one more day at the beach.”

I watch the summer gradually fall into autumn and the words tapestry and texture come to my mind. The trees begin to weave in yellows, golds, oranges and reds until their branches seem to be the warp for the weft of patterns and colors exploding before my eyes. Crispy, maple syrup brown leaves fall to reveal the textures of tree bark beneath.

“Goldilocks” Season

The word tapestry generally refers to a complex woven fabric of rich colors both bold and subtle, often shot through with gold threads. Most often associated with meticulous handmade wall hangings of the Middle Ages, modern inventions and techniques produce textured fabrics made into garments that emerge in fall.

As the summer changes into the colors and textures of autumn, we experience a desire to respond in kind. We exchange the bright whites and gaudy colors of summer done in crisp cottons and linens for the warm colors of autumn in wools, cashmeres, velvets, suede, and corduroy. This short season offers us an opportunity to refresh, renew and reimagine ourselves. It is a natural time to experiment with layers, colors, patterns and textures. We can take advantage of this brief season and review and edit our wardrobes and see new possibilities and combinations.

Like the falling leaves which expose the essential architectural skeleton beneath, a rethinking of our clothing will reveal our essential self and bring your Purely Personal style in to greater focus.

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